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Salads are a healthy way when it comes to looking for ways to lose weight. Different salads can be incorporated into an everyday meal that will give you that waistline you have longed for years.

There are so many salads out there that you can pick from, but you should be considerate of the salads that you pick whether they will help you meet your daily goals in weight loss or not. So, what should you check out for when choosing the right salad to take, below are 4 key pointers that you should check out for.

The quantity of Proteins.

When you are choosing a salad to take, ensure that it contains enough proteins that your body needs when you are losing weight. Do not just be intrigued by the green color that you want to see in your salads, but your salad should have enough proteins. Plant and lean proteins are a great choice to be incorporated into any salad.

by Catherine Mwinza
by Catherine Mwinza

Having these two combinations of proteins will keep you full for a long time thus resisting the urge to indulge in more and more calories. Protein in salad helps slow down the digestion, therefore, ensuring we always feel fuller for longer hours.

Experts have noted that the minimum recommended amount of proteins to be taken is 0.4 grams per pound for women, aiming for 25 grams is better when trying to lose weight.

Plenty of Greens.

When choosing what salad to take, ensure you have enough greens in your salad for we all know the health benefits of taking dark green vegetables daily and especially now that we need to lose some weight. Experts say that eating more salads and especially the dark green and the orange vegetables is an essential practice because they contain lots of nutrients in them that contribute to overall health.

by Catherine Mwinza
by Catherine Mwinza

Eating green salads frequently ensures that you have higher blood levels and a host of great antioxidants, folic acid, Vitamin E, and C as well as beta-carotene. Raw vegetable salads are packed with all these excellent benefits. Antioxidants help in protecting our bodies from the damage caused by free radicals.

The study shows that people who eat lots of vegetables might have a lower risk of having head and Neck Cancer. Some green salads to be included are green peas, Broccoli, cucumbers and green peppers. Baby spinach and arugula are excellent choices when looking for what greens to have in your salad. The deeper the green the better it is to have it.

Salad dressing.

Dressing your salad with the right things will protect you from piling in pounds but reaping the benefits of these salads. Vitamins like A, D, E, and K are normally fat soluble and so our bodies can’t absorb them without other fats present.

by Catherine Mwinza
by Catherine Mwinza

It is always wise to dress your salad with the right oils so as to get the maximum benefits of the salad you are taking. Olive oil is a great oil for dressing your salad with since the unsaturated fatty acids help in melting belly fats as well as making the salad more satisfying.

Eating the salad at the right time.

There is a lot of debate from different spheres of the world on when is the right time to eat your salads. Is it before a meal, during the meals or after a meal. From a study that was conducted in 2012, experts say that it is recommended to eat your salad before the main meal for this increases your vegetable intake by 23%.

by Catherine Mwinza
by Catherine Mwinza

By eating your salad before your meal, you will be full hence reduce the calories you may have taken during the main meal. When you are looking to lose weight always put this in mind and be sure to take your salads at the right time.

This article was originally published on @mwende