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9 Different Ways to Eat Your Kimchi

Kimchi is a Korean side dish that is found in many Korean restaurants. When you walk into a Korean restaurant and order food, many times you will be served with Kimchi as a side dish. Kimchi is a spicy cabbage that is prepared by Koreans and aids in digestion. It can be found easily in any Korean restaurant. You can eat this side dish with different types of food as you will see below.

1. Vegetable Rice with Kimchi

Whenever you place an order In a Korean restaurant, you will be served with Kimchi as a side dish. Eating rice with Kimchi is a great combination with a great taste that you will want to try any time you visit a Korean restaurant.

2. Breakfast Recipe

Kimchi can be eaten as part of the breakfast with an egg or ham. You can accompany your breakfast with Kimchi and make it very tasteful. Eating Kimchi with ham or egg can help subside the spicy flavor of Kimchi.

3. Kimchi with the Main dish

Kimchi is basically a side dish that is a favorite for Koreans. You can eat Kimchi with any of your main dish such as rice, beef, pizza and enjoy the flavored spicy taste of this vegetable.

4. Spicy Noodles with Kimchi

During the summertime, eating spicy noodles with Kimchi will be the best way to enjoy your summer. Order your Spicy noodles stuffed with Kimchi and tangy source and enjoy every bit of it. Having a dipping source as you eat your Kimchi will add more flavor to your dish.

5. Bibim Guksu

Bibim Guksu is a light noodle salad dish that is loaded with green leafy vegetables together with Kimchi as a side dish. A spicy tangy Korean chilly dressing is added to Bibim Guksu that makes it tastier during summer.

6. Pizza with Kimchi

Pizza can be eaten with Kimchi. Put a few pieces of Kimchi on the pizza base and bake it, it will come out well done and very crispy with a taste of Kimchi flavor in it. You will enjoy eating this dish for a while as it makes you want to eat more and more.

7. Kimchi Salad

Mixing Kimchi and your lettuce can make a very sweet salad that you will enjoy eating before any meal. This is very important for it helps in digestion and eating it before your main meals would be a great step for your health needs.

8. Kimchi Stew with Beef

You can mix your Kimchi with beef and cook it slowly. You will enjoy a tasty meal with this combination. The stew is tasty and spicy. It is very enjoyable during winter time.

9. Spaghetti Kimchi

Boil your spaghetti and drain all the water from them. In a pan, stir fry your spaghetti, add some crispy bacon, creamy mushrooms and Kimchi with the Korean sauce. Add some green onions in this mixture and stir to mix well. You will enjoy eating this delicacy of Spaghetti Kimchi.

Bottom Line

Kimchi is a popular side dish in many Korean cuisines. Kimchi is also a natural probiotic that helps with digestion when taken with any dish. Eating this Specially fermented cabbage will be a great way to keep healthy and enjoy the excellent lifestyle.

This article was originally published on @mwende