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Best Snacks to Pack for Your Toddlers When Traveling


Traveling with toddlers can be nerve wrecking if prior arrangements are not made. It is always important to prepare beforehand when traveling with young babies. Packing enough and healthy snacks will go along way and give you a great and an enjoyable trip with your toddlers.

One of the main thing that should be put into consideration is that the snacks that you are going to pack should be healthy and not messy. Doing this will give you and your toddlers an easier time when eating the snacks while on the go. Below are some great snacks that will let you enjoy your trip when traveling with your toddlers.

1. Mini Muffins.

When you decide to travel with your toddlers, mini muffins will come in handy. The Muffins are both healthy and filling, and by packing these muffins, you will have an enjoyable journey with your toddlers. These muffins are not messy, and this does make your work easy when it comes to cleaning up after snacking.

Mini Muffins are quite easy to make in your kitchen. You will even enjoy making this with your babies and packing before leaving for your trip. You can also buy these muffins from the baker, and in case you don’t have enough time to make them. Having these snacks will give you and your toddlers a calm and smooth journey as your children will be well fed and relaxed.

2. Clementines.

Clementines are in the family of citrus fruits, and they come in handy when traveling with children. These fruits are very tasty and healthy. Clementines have many health benefits to all human beings, and they will be an excellent snack to pack while traveling with your young ones.

These fruits help boost our immune system as human beings thus fighting colds. Feeding this fruit to your toddlers is one of the greatest things you will do. Your toddlers will enjoy these fruits all through. Do not forget to pack them next time you plan a trip with your toddlers.

3. Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are among the greatest sources of proteins. Boiled eggs are easy to make and carry as they are well shelled. If your toddlers have no allergy to eggs, then boil them and pack them for your next journey as a snack.

Packing the boiled eggs is also not cumbersome as they are well covered in their shell. Whenever your kids are hungry, give them eggs, and this snack will make them full, and at the same time, the children will be eating healthy food. Remember to pack some salt just to add flavor to the eggs.

4. Drinking Water

Water is not a snack but whenever you plan a journey whether with toddlers or not, packing drinking water is very critical. Drinking water is great to keep our bodies well hydrated all the time. More so, when the toddlers take their snacks, they will need some drinking water. You can pack water in small bottles for easy management when traveling thus avowing it pouring all over the place.

5. Animal Crackers

Toddlers will enjoy animal crackers more when traveling. These crackers have animal shapes, and your young ones will enjoy eating them so much as they love to identify with animals when young. You can get these snacks in your nearest shop and pack them in advance. These can also be used as treats to your toddlers whenever they behave well and don’t disturb while traveling.

Take Away

Now you know some snacks that you will pack the next time you are on a journey. When you plan your next trip, pack enough snacks to last you through the trip with your toddlers. This will let you have an enjoyable trip with your family.

This article was originally published on @mwende