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Clever Baby Food Hacks Every Mom Should Know About

by Pixabay
by Pixabay

Now that the modern trends of feeding a baby have moms working for hours to create something special, organic, and DIY for their babies, we think it’s time for them to follow some time-saving hacks.

After all, in this age, with all of your appliances in action you don’t have to spend whole days making foods, catering to the histrionics of your baby, or worse - mopping the floors of spilled food from resulting tantrums! The key is to simply work smarter, not harder.

So, read these hacks and thank us later.

1. Make Frozen Baby Food 'Shots'

Storing baby food in ice cube trays is a clever hack in and of itself, but it can be time-consuming. Instead, you could try storing baby food in zip lock bags, after freezing spoonfuls on a cooking sheet

2. Use Frozen Foods (Veggies and Fruits)

Contrary to the popular belief, frozen foods are actually more nutritious because they are frozen at their optimal ripeness. So, you can definitely spend your money on them. And yes, besides nutrition, they can save your time as you won’t have to peel, cut, slice, or dice anything.

3. Make Versatile Foods

Like every other mom, you may face a time-sucking task: Making separate foods for your baby and the rest of the family. But worry not, because you can make versatile foods every day, as there are tons of recipes that your baby and the rest of your family can enjoy together. For example, you can try roasting vegetables for dinner in a large tray, and blending some for baby - while serving the rest whole for the family.

4. Use Your Breastmilk as a Thinner

If any of the baby meals prepared by you get too chunky or thick, do not hesitate to add a few drops of your breastmilk to thin it down. You know how much healthier all of those foods can get with this simple addition, so why not try it out? Besides, it can be a perfect ingredient for babies going through weaning stages.

5. Use Miniature Versions of Bulkier Appliances

You don’t need heavy machinery in your arsenal to prepare baby food. So, do away with anything bulkier and search for miniature or smaller versions. For example, you can replace your hard-to-clean-and-carry blender with its immersion sibling, or buy a compact blender or smoothie maker.

6. Let Your Baby Decide What You Should Freeze

Freezing everything that you prepare is not a good idea because you never know when the high-chair dweller may reject it. Thus, it makes sense to let your baby decide what you should freeze for him. If he’s into sweet potatoes more than peas, so be it. You should, as a result, freeze more potatoes than peas.

However, don’t lose hope and don’t feed him one thing over and over again. Research has it, your baby would start liking a food once he/she tries it for about 15 times. So, keep on giving him/her chances to explore new tastes, all the while letting him have what he likes the most.

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