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Deviled Eggs – Huevos al Diablo – The Devil’s Eggs – The Devil is making Eggs and this is what we got

Deviled Eggs  — by David Smith
Deviled Eggs  — by David Smith

A Childhood Memory – Deviled Eggs in The Land Before Time

Although I have trouble remembering things from when I was young, I always remember the deviled eggs we used to eat for Easter. Especially around Easter, so many eggs.

But Deviled eggs did not come out too often, only usually for some special holidays. Otherwise, usually only made with special requests for a birthday or for the good ol’ days of the Forth of July in America, Independence Day.

I had an “aunt” who would make them. She did some part-time catering and this was always one of the standbys. She also hosted a huge 40 or 50 people Easter Brunch. It was huge to me, I was little. And if you have ever tried to cook for more than 10 people, “huge” is an easy term use. I also remember her making a variety of finger sandwiches and other appetizers.

What is an Appetizer Today?

Even though I know they still are around, I feel like most appetizers do not really approach the daintiness of these kinds of appetizers anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some chicken wings, or mini-sliders, but these are mini-meals. A finger sandwich is so small, but filled with flavor.

In part, “old school” finger foods, which may be dated for some, still represent some of the lightest and easily changed foods to suit your needs. Plus, think of all the sampling you can do. Appetizers like these may be labor intensive, but you can also easily eat 100 or so.

And a well-made deviled egg is a perfect appetizer, too. A little bit of zip and zing. Add on to that some short cuts and deviled eggs are also one of the easiest appetizers to produce en masse. Egg perfection.

Perfect Appetizer — by David Smith
Perfect Appetizer — by David Smith

Deviled Egg Recipe

This is an easy recipe, just keep doubling until you get the amount you need. I have forgotten before, so please remember that 7 eggs will make 14 Deviled eggs, minus 2 for “tasters”.

7 Eggs

2-3 Tablespoons of Sweet Relish

Pinch of salt

Pinch of Black Pepper

1-2 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise

1 Teaspoon Yellow Mustard

Juice from either Sweet Relish or Pickle Jar

The easiest way to make perfect hard-boiled eggs for this recipe was told to me by a Canadian friend I met in Saudi Arabia. He knew I loved to cook and gave me a tip I use every time I want to make hard-boiled eggs. And they come out perfectly every time.

Simple and Delicious Deviled Eggs — by David Smith
Simple and Delicious Deviled Eggs — by David Smith

Getting the Perfect Hard-boiled Eggs

Do not crowd the pan, but in a normal pot, put in enough cold water to more than cover by double the eggs. Of critical importance, the eggs need to be in the pot at the start of this. Whether you do it before or after you add the water does not matter. But what does matter is that you add the eggs before you start to heat up the water.

Begin by warming the water with the eggs until it boils. After it Boils, turn off and you can remove it from the stove if you need to use the burner, but all the eggs need to sit in the boiling hot water for 10 minutes. Set a timer and wait. If you want yolks that are more in the middle, make sure you stir the eggs every minute for the first five minutes.

After the timer rings, I like to peel my eggs immediately, by emptying out the hot water and flushing it with cold water in order to be able to handle the eggs. Crack and peel and give the eggs a quick rinse to remove any shell.

Making the Deviled Egg Filling

So, you finished peeling the eggs. Slice hard-boiled eggs lengthwise and pop out the yolk into a separate bowl. Finish all the eggs in a similar way.

Now add the mayo, mustard, relish, salt and pepper to the yolk bowl. And very importantly add the juice from the relish. If you need to make extra “juice”, I suggest taking some from a pickle jar. Or even better still, taking pickle juice adding a little to the relish jar and then extracting the extra juice you made in the relish jar. If you do not have pickle juice, add a little white vinegar instead to your relish jar and then do the same “juice” extraction.

Very Importantly, make sure you taste it as you go. Use the mustard only in little amounts, the flavor can easily overpower everything. Add salt and pepper depending on your tastes. But seriously, do not forget the extra juice, it makes the Deviled Eggs really stand out. Be careful of putting too much as this can make the filling too thin.

And if you find everything a bit too tart or sour, you can add a touch of sugar, but be careful to not add too much.

Filling the Deviled Eggs

The easiest way I have found to fill the eggs is to use a sealable plastic bag. This technique allows for a lot of eggs to be filled quickly. Fill it with the egg yolk mixture, cut off a corner and squeeze it like a pastry bag into each empty white half of the egg.

You can see the simple prep, filling and finishing of deviled eggs here:

And like in the video, I like to sprinkle a little paprika or chili powder on top of each egg. The color kick adds something nice to the overall presentation. Of course, if you like you can add a little slice of pickle or fiery chili, but that depends on your preferences and time constraints.

If you like egg salad sandwiches, you can just chop up the whites of the eggs and mix them into your yolk mixture. And then you have great egg salad, too.

I love to eat these Deviled Eggs, simple and delish. I hope you can enjoy these Deviled Eggs, too.

Delicious Deviled Eggs — by David Smith
Delicious Deviled Eggs — by David Smith
This article was originally published on @talentedinternational