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Easy BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe to Lift Your Spirits and Soar like an Eagle

Simple Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches — by David Smith
Simple Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches — by David Smith

Slow cooker BBQ Chicken Thighs

It's time to make some barbecue chicken sandwiches. If you regularly make chicken stock or if you have tried or are going to try making my suggested Chicken Stroth found here, then you are probably looking for other ways to use the chicken. Sure, you can easily make the Chicken Soup Recipe I have written and use the chicken for that recipe.

Chicken Thighs from the Stroth — by David Smith
Chicken Thighs from the Stroth — by David Smith

Or you can make something that is totally different. As I suggested in my article about chicken Stroth or chicken stock, it is a fundamental in the kitchen and making your own is easy and delicious. But with that comes a perfect opportunity to pre-make chicken for a variety of other meals. For example, you could make a simple Chicken Caesar salad. But that is another meal, another time.

And here is where I present one suggestion of a shredded bbq chicken sandwich recipe. Easy to make and like many of the dishes I suggest, it is also easy to add or take something out to suit you tastes, but simply – super-easy.

The Ingredients for an Easy Barbecue Chicken Sandwich — by David Smith
The Ingredients for an Easy Barbecue Chicken Sandwich — by David Smith

The Best Easy BBQ Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Meat from 1-2 Chicken Thighs (Carne de Muslo de Pollo)

3 Tablespoons of your favorite Barbecue Sauce, here’s my favorite (Salsa de Barbacoa)

½ of a medium-size Onion (Cebolla)

4-6 Small Pickles or 1 regular sized pickle or 3 Tablespoons Relish (Pepinillos)

½ Tablespoon Chili Flakes (Pimiento Rojo Molido)

½ Tablespoon Oil (Aceite)

Some Water (Agua)

Bread or Buns


Slices of Cheese

Heating up the Simple Barbecue Chicken — by David Smith
Heating up the Simple Barbecue Chicken — by David Smith

How to make Easy Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches

Start by chopping up the onion. Add the oil and chopped onions to the pan. Next, chop up the chicken and the pickles. After the onions finishing cooking and start to get brown, add the chicken. Cook until you have some browned edges and crispiness on the chicken. Then add the sauce, chili flakes and 1-2 tablespoons of water and the pickles to the pan.

If you prefer you can add the pickles or the relish to the sandwich itself. I like cooking them in the mix, but it’s also good to wait and put it directly on the sandwich for the more distinct pickle taste and crunch.

Also important to note, the water helps thin out the sauce, so that every part of the chicken gets coated with sauce. Plus if you make it too soupy with the sauce, then all you are eating is sauce with pieces of chicken it in. I prefer it my way to ensure coating and decrease the amount of sauce used. Significantly, the barbecue chicken sandwich is still sloppy and delicious.

When the chicken and sauce have thickened to a good consistency and some of the water has evaporated, turn off the heat.

Finishing the Sandwich — by David Smith
Finishing the Sandwich — by David Smith

Making the Barbecue Chicken Sandwich

I always like to toast my bread. One, it helps the bread stand up to the wetness of the barbecue chicken. Furthermore, it brings out the delicious browned tastes that are flavor-filled. Whether it is bread or a bun you are using, I would suggest toasting it.

After the toasting, I put down one slice of bread, throw down a slice of cheese and yell “Huzzah!” Do it, say it when you are making the sandwich. Hopefully this puts a smile on your face, you are about to eat a delicious sandwich and it is important to be happy.

Please note, the cheese helps act as a barrier to the moisture and keeps your bread crunchy. If you really want to lock in the moisture you could put a piece of cheese on the other side, but that seems overly-indulgent. One slice for me, please.

If you have not incorporated the relish or pickles into the sandwich, now is your chance. You can smear the barbecue chicken on the bread or bun, or if you have relish you can start with that. It’s all up to you.

Shut the roof on the sandwich and dig in.

Simple, easy, delicious bbq chicken sandwich with cheese.

Other Ideas to add to this Easy BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Use a slow cooker to make the bbq chicken thighs. If you are not making the chicken broth, just use a similar recipe with raw thighs in a slow cooker. Add more meat and barbecue sauce, onions, pickles and let it cook for hours. Debone and mix back in the meat with the sauce.

Shallots and Garlic Topper — by David Smith
Shallots and Garlic Topper — by David Smith

I would also suggest some amazing toppers for this sandwich. If you have them already made, you could use the Shallots & Garlic Toppers I suggested making before.

Asian Slaw Topper — by David Smith
Asian Slaw Topper — by David Smith

Or something that makes the sandwich into a full on, all-in-one meal, would be to top the sandwich with my Asian Slaw. Either one of these is a great topper idea.

I hope you enjoy this sandwich. I like doing a lot of simple sandwiches that are full of flavor and made from other meals and recipes I have made.

Feel free to leave any feedback or other suggestions for sandwich crafting. Enjoy your food adventures!

This article was originally published on @talentedinternational