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Five Deliciously Crazy Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now!

by None
by None

We’ve already touched on some quirky, interesting food Instagram accounts here at the food circle. If you want daily food inspiration, or just to simply look at what’s going down in the crazy world of viral food trends, then you’re probably already on the lookout for some more cool accounts to follow.

You’re in for a treat! These crazy, quirky foodie IG accounts are sure to brighten up your feed:

1) Follow @dogs_infood for Cute and Delicious Combos

There’s no way to describe this account - other than to state that it is exactly what it says on the tin. It is, quite simply, a collection of images of dogs, photoshopped into food:

Gives quite a literal meaning to the word corndog!

Check out this cute pup in a cup. A puppacino?

2) Follow @vibrantandpure for Food Art and Travel Pics

This beautiful Instagram feed features stunning photography, and some even more stunning food art masterpieces. Instagrammer and food stylist Adeline Waugh posts vibrant images of smoothie bowls and the ever-popular images of toast art!

This looks just like Mermaid Toast (as featured in this recent article on The Food Circle).

Waugh often uses edible flowers in her designs to keep things looking fresh!

3) Follow @nayoko054 for Cute Toast Art

Vogue described Nayoko Kobayashi as the cooking instructor behind some of Instagram’s cutest toast - which is an intriguing statement in and of itself.

It’s true that Kobayashi’s Instagram is filled with cute, Kawaii pictures of food, and little toast artworks that will put a smile on your face.

Just look at this Campbells Soup masterpiece!

Or how about this delicious looking fruity number?

4) Follow @littlemissbento for Daily Bento Delights

If toast art and cute doggos don’t tickle your foodie fancy - how about bento boxes? Arguably the most Kawaii of all foods, Bento is used to describe a traditional Japanese style packed lunch, typically consisting of rice, veg and protein presented inside a Bento Box (lunch box).

Bento has become a bit of an art form, as demonstrated by @littlemissbento; who’s cute designs feature unicorn steamed buns, kawaii Koalas - and even (you guessed it) toast art!

This Sailor Moon design looks almost too good to eat!

It seems no foodie Instagram account is complete without at least one piece of toast art!

5) Follow @tasteofstreep for a Good Laugh!

If dogs photoshopped onto food wasn’t good enough for you - how about some pictures of Meryl Streep seamlessly blended with delicious morsels in an incredibly funny way?

Taste of Streep will deliver!

Smoulderingly sexy and utterly delicious. Streep looks OK too.

This is a pretty accurate representation of me every Easter.