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Fonuts (Fake Donuts) Just Might Be Better Than The Original

From the moment I saw this place on the Cooking Channel, I knew I had to try it at least once before I died. 3+ years and several near-death experiences later, I somehow managed to make it here after an enormous brunch and much driving. Let me tell you, trying to find parking in this area on a late Sunday morning is an adventure/ hypertension trip in-and-of itself.

But once I saw that classy black overhang with the word 'fōnuts' written in large letters, just like on TV all those years ago, I felt a rush of excitement shoot through me.

Entering through the gray-black doors into that dark, cool interior and beholding those sugary, gluten-free beauties under the glass, I felt time slow down. That is until looking up at the blackboard of offerings and realized they also serve Lamill coffee, which made my heart speed up past its normal rate.

The Strawberry Buttermilk, the deliciously moist Blueberry-Earl Grey, Salted Caramel with a hint of booze, Black-&-White with sprinkles, and Vanilla Latté donuts beckon you with their tantalizing glaze of sugary goodness. And the promise of a deliciously robust high end iced coffee with your choice of cream, 2% milk, soy, or almond milk, balancing out all that sugar is almost too much to bear.

Blueberry Earl Grey Fonut — by Juvi Guevara
Blueberry Earl Grey Fonut — by Juvi Guevara

I don't know how far I would go in saying that these bad boys are healthy for you. But with plenty of gluten-free options under the glass, you can, at least, console yourself with the fact that you're not scarfing down a boring, old run-of-the-mill doughnut that's going straight to your arteries. They're also denser in texture and a lot more filling than a regular doughnut.

They also have tiny donuts you can almost wear like rings on each finger, giving you the chance to try a variety of different flavors in one sitting without ending up in the emergency room. My personal favorite is the mini coffee doughnut. Strawberry Buttermilk and Salted Caramel are still the regular favorites, though.

Perfect texture. Balanced flavor. High quality ingredients. Chill and relaxed vibe, with a super friendly staff. There is nothing I don't like about this place. Minus the parking. That always sucks.