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Food Photography Tips

First things first, to be a food photographer/blogger you need to love food, understand it, know the recipe and be able to cook. Get inspired by other food blogs to grasp the importance of colour, shapes and composition in food photographs. Also, get your hands on some interesting food journals in your local library and buy a good food photography guide book. For food photography, you can start by learning styling techniques and understanding how light works. Obviously this theoretic knowledge alone will not get you far at all. You need to practice, and practice a lot! Here are some tips for getting started.


Let there be light

Light is the most important thing in food photography. If you get your light right, the food will look delish! Become aware of the intensity of it, how the light hits the food, and try to adjust accordingly. Natural light is best for food photography because it won't mess up any of your food's amazing colours. Don't ever use your built-in flash, this will most definitely ruin the natural look of the food and it won't look appetising anymore. Move around the house a little until you find the best light source. Don't stay confined to your kitchen but try some other sites and see what works best.

Surroundings matter

Besides the food, make sure the surroundings look equally appetising. Try to make them as clutter free as possible. We're talking about food photography here guys, so your food should be the main attraction! Anything that detracts attention away from it, you should lose. If cutlery, a drink, a napkin or any kind of busy background doesn’t make your photo look better, then please leave it out!

Try and try again

Don't just take one photo and be done and happy with it. Instead, take a variety from multiple angles. This way you can see from which angle your food looks best. You want to make people drew while seeing your photo. So, scroll through all your photos of the dish and pick your favourite. Only the most appetising photo will do.

Get cooking and shooting. Following these tips your food photos should turn out great!

Food photo
This article was originally published on photogenic