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Fries the Belgian way, the best way

It’s a common mistake made by almost everyone living outside of Belgium: assuming French fries from France are the best in the world. Well, here’s some news, Belgium does it way better. Coming from a Belgian bred woman and a fervent fries lover, you better believe it!

Belgian fries

Not a Belgian resident? Do not fear, you can enjoy this amazing snack too, making it yourself. The secret to getting the perfect golden Belgian fries?

Follow these 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Wash, peel and cut the potatoes into fries of about 1 cm (4 in) square.

Step 2: Heat the oil at a temperature of 160°C (320°F). Fry the fries in batches and make sure not to overload your deep fryer. Fry them for about 8 minutes.

Step 3: Take the fries out of the deep fryer and lay them into a big bowl covered in kitchen paper, which will absorb excess oil. This way, your fries won't go soggy. Leave them alone for about 20 minutes.

Step 4: Fry the fries for the second time. This is the major secret to getting crispy fries while keeping them soft on the inside. Set the temperature of the deep fryer at 190°C (375°F), and fry them for about 3 minutes 'till they're crispy and golden brown. Lay them into the bowl again with a fresh piece of kitchen paper, so it can absorb the excess oil once again.

Step 5: Serve the fries the Belgian way, with some home made mayonnaise and a sprinkle of salt to your liking.

Easy, right? Now dig in! Enjoy your fries with a nice pint of Stella for an authentic Belgian evening.

This article was originally published on bonvivant