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From Meat Glue to Edible Balloons: 6 Insane Foods That Defy Science! — by Steph Simpson — by Steph Simpson

Here at The Food Circle - we love articles that explore the weird and wonderful. Whether it's an exploration of the weirdest food pairings on earth, or an examination of the crazy world of gothic food - we love food that's a little bit off-the-wall.

That said, the following list of foods will definitely surprise you. Here are some of the craziest dishes out there that prettymuch defy science!

1) Raindrop Cake

It may look like an oversized droplet of water - but it's actually an innovative Japanese dessert. Raindrop Cake was first developed by the Kinseiken Seika Company in Japan, but it caused such a stir on social media that westerners can now get their hands on the delicacy without travelling half way around the globe. London restaurant Yamagoya serves up Raindrop Cake with roasted soybean flour and a molasses syrup known as kuromitsu - so if you ever visit the city, be sure to try it out.

You'll have to be fast, though, because Raindrop Cake is only good for twenty minutes. If left for any longer, it evapourates and disintegrates. This is because it is actually not a cake at all - but rather a mixture of agar (kind of like gelatin) and water from the Japanese Alps!

2) Edible Balloons

If you've watched the popular Netflix show Chef's Table, you may have already seen the wonders of Chicago's Alinea - the michelin star restaurant behind the innovative edible balloon.

That's right. This is a completely edible helium balloon, that floats just like a real balloon. It doesn't just look amazing, it tastes great too - as it's made from tasty apple taffy!

3) Colour-Changing Gin

We're experiencing something of a gin boom right now (sounds cooler than it is), so it's not surprising that innovative drinks manufacturers are developing new varieties to try and stand out in a saturated market. We've got pink gin, green gin, smoked gin - but how about colour-changing gin?

This tasty tipple looks more like a magic potion than a potentially ruinous alcoholic drink, but you have to admit it's impressive! Sharish Blue Magic Gin is bright blue, but when it's mixed with tonic it changes to pink!

4) Edible Water Bottles

Edible water bottles have yet to take off - but with the global shift toward the rejection of plastic, it may only be a matter of time. The gelatinous sphere seen in the video above is called the Ooho, and was born from some early prototypes created by design students back in 2014. The idea was to create a bottle with an alternative to plastic packaging; and the result looks pretty successful.

Each sphere contains one portion of water, and the packaging is totally edible. If you don't feel like eating the gelatinous casing, you can safely dispose of it - as it is completely compostable.

5) Meat Glue

Meat glue is a substance that can be used to stick together different cuts of meat pretty much seamlessly! It sounds as gross as it looks - as you can see from the video above, some unscrupulous food suppliers have been reported using meat glue to stick together 'scraps' of meat in order to pass them off as prime cuts.

The glue comes in the form of a powder (Transglutaminase enzyme) which naturally found the in blood - and can bind proteins together. In short, it's a powder that makes scraps of flesh stick together - resulting in a semi-convincing joint of meat!

6) Powdered Hamburger Meal

You read that right! A hamburger meal - with cola, fries, burger patty, cheese and bun, which all comes in powered form. Simply mix up the little sachets of powder with water, microwave and assemble.

As you can see from the video above, this is more of a gimmick - probably a good one for the children - than a serious alternative to your regular burger meal and side of fries.

This article was originally published on @stephsimpson