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Get Down with the Brown - Mushroom Gravy, Kid-friendly Cooking Time Recipe

Simple Dishes

Eating simple foods is a pleasure. I like hearty dishes with meat and gravy. This versatile mushroom gravy is easy to make and combine with your favorite carb – rice, toast or mash potato, or even Keto riced-cauliflower. It is a simple, heart-warming classic.

I know this is a classic canned soup recipe. If you can make the soup yourself, then please substitute. I will write about homemade mushroom soup in an upcoming article.


1 lb. (½ kilo) ground beef or pork

1 medium sized onion

Large handful of mushrooms

Can of mushroom soup

1 – 2 Cups of milk

Browning the Meat — by David Smith
Browning the Meat — by David Smith

Brown the Meat

Cook the meat on a medium temperature in either a frying pan or a large pot. The recipe is better with a lower fat ratio, so 90-10 or 80-20 is what I would suggest. If too much fat renders off of the meat, then tilt the pan and spoon out some of the grease.

It is so very important to brown the meat. I cannot emphasize browning enough. Browning meats makes the flavor deeper and better. Any time you can, brown the meat and vegetables.

Frying the onions — by David Smith
Frying the onions — by David Smith

Fry the Onions & Mushrooms

Chop up the onions and then the mushrooms. The pieces of onion should be about a medium sized chop, ¼ inch by ¼ inch. The mushrooms can be slightly larger, whatever size you think is kid-friendly enough. Of course, if they do not like mushrooms, you can always finely chop the mushrooms and surprise them with the delicious taste.

After the meat is thoroughly browned, first add the onions and allow them to get to the point of browning as well.

Then add the mushrooms. The reason to wait on the mushrooms is they release a significant amount of moisture into the pan, this moisture would prevent the other ingredients from browning.

Adding the Mushrooms — by David Smith
Adding the Mushrooms — by David Smith

Let the mixture render down or evaporate enough water until the mushrooms also brown. If at any time the cooking is too intense, turn the heat down.

While all of that is cooking, prepare to add soup and milk. For example – open the can. Ha! Add these to the pan. Add your milk, remember some of the liquid will boil off during the cooking, but be careful of making it too thin. You do want to have some thickness to the mixture, so it will easily stick to your foundation of deliciousness, aka the carbs or riced-cauliflower.

Easy Recipe for Kids to Make

Now I know for many people, this is not an incredibly different or amazing recipe. But it is delicious and super easy to make. Any cooking can be dangerous, it is filled with heat and knives after all. But it is a great meal to make with little starter chefs, aka kids. A dish like this is a dish I grew up eating and like many of the dishes, one of the ones I first started making. And teach them a few tips, like the all-important browning. And make this little delight a dish to make on a cold night.

The Finished Brown Mushroom Gravy — by David Smith
The Finished Brown Mushroom Gravy — by David Smith

Suggestions for Extras

Try adding some chopped parsley to the top to give it some color. Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top or one of your favorite shredded cheeses. I also like to add fresh-ground black pepper and hot sauce. If you have some bacon or bacon bits, well I say “Jackpot!”

Just about any vegetable can be added to the mushroom gravy to make it healthier and with more flavor. Try ½ cup of shredded carrot. Or just before serving add some finely sliced cabbage on top.