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Gothic Ice-cream, Black Lemonade & Squid Ink Bagels: Here are 7 of The Most Goth Foods You’ll Ever See

by Steph Simpson
by Steph Simpson

If there’s one thing social media is great for (aside from arguing over politics, or tagging your friends in endless memes) it’s sharing new trends. This is particularly pertinent when we look at some of the crazy food trends - like the ever-weird mermaid toast - that have come about over the last couple of years.

The online world is full of innovators; whether it’s a chef with a penchant for the theatrical, or a new food Instagram account trying to make a splash with their weird and wonderful posts - social media is the reason that the culinary world keeps evolving at an alarming rate.

Let’s be honest - would anyone buy ‘goth’ food, if it wasn’t for the social media buzz?

You read that right. Goth food - the trend that neutralises the rainbow hues of the Unicorn Trend. It just proves that when one food trend gets too big for its boots, another comes along to challenge it.

If you're sick of pretty pastels and glittery beverages, these goth foods will be right up your alley:

Black Hot Dogs

by Refinery29
by Refinery29

It seems that, in order for a food to be labelled as ‘goth’ it must meet only one criterion. It must be black. Just like this hot dog -from a popular street food market in Germany - which is created with squid ink to give it that dark and somewhat unnatural look.

Whether or not the addition of squid ink alters the flavour; you have to agree that the gimmick is strong.

Stuffed Pizza Skulls

This next item might not be considered part of the whole goth food ‘trend’, but I think it qualifies. It’s equal parts macabre, creative - and probably delicious too!

I first saw these tasty looking morsels in a video from Genius Kitchen. While they’re not as high end as some of the goth foods you’ll see popping up on Instagram; you have to admit they look kind of fun.

Black Lemonade

Because there clearly aren’t enough black soft drinks on the market - the world needs black lemonade - right?

Whether you love it or hate it, this weird looking drink isn’t actually made from black lemons (although that would be pretty cool). Instead, our good old friend activated charcoal makes an appearance once again as a key ingredient in this goth version of a popular beverage.

Goth Pizza

by Refinery29
by Refinery29

Yes, you read that right. Goth pizza is here, and it’s an actual thing.

In response to the ever-popular unicorn food trend, creative pizza maker and restaurant owner Salvatore Olivella decided to add activated charcoal to make black pizza, pasta, and cheese!

The result? Black pizza bases and weird-looking pasta dishes that certainly create some buzz on social media.

Black Garlic

Black garlic is not some new species of garlic that comes out of the ground totally black. It is actually just garlic that has been cooked to within an inch of its life - for two weeks to be precise.

The slow cooking of the garlic gives it its dark aesthetic - but also alters the flavour profile too. It tastes more like a fig, without the overpowering garlic aroma. Actually sounds kind of delish!

Squid Ink Bagels

Yep - you’re probably recognising a common theme here; add charcoal or squid ink to something, and you'll immediately gothify it!

This is what London based ‘Little Ghost Bagels’ have done with their eye-catching squid ink bagels.

Even their motto is pretty dark; ‘Hail Satan, Eat Bagels”.

Gothic Ice Cream

I've already written about this dark delight in a recent post about crazy Instagram food trends - but I think it deserves another mention here!

Gothic ice-cream contains, you guessed it, charcoal - along with other food colourings to give it that inky blackness that all goth food seems to share. Looks good, probably tastes amazing!

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