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How To Make Healthy Choices When You Absolutely Need To Eat Fast Food

by Adrian Cruce
by Adrian Cruce

Are you obsessed with healthy eating and you think that fast food has to completely be avoided? If so, you are simply wrong. Fast food can easily be incorporated into your nutrition plan. The main idea is to make really wise choices whenever visiting the fast food restaurant. Most people love an occasional fast food stop so why take that away when you can use the following tips to keep everything much healthier than anticipated?

Limit Portion Size

Most fast food restaurants let you choose out of different portion sizes. All you need to do is opt for the smallest one. Try to avoid those beefy burgers with 3 beef patties as they usually have around 800 calories. Opt for the children’s sized burger as it has just 250 calories. Having the discipline of going for smaller portions actually inspires trust even in the workplace so there is nothing wrong with that. As the same time, be sure that you avoid French fries or at least opt for the smaller serving.

Healthy Side Dishes

Many fast food joints started offering healthy side dishes as people complained that there is no healthy option available on the menu. This is great for you since you can choose them and have a healthier meal. As an example, opt for a nice side salad with some low fat dressing instead of French fries. Orange slices or apples, steamed rice and baked potato chips are all examples of healthier side dishes to consider.

Go Green

Try to replace regular salad dressing with low-fat or fat-free options. Also, go for the entrée salad that has grilled chicken instead of something a lot heavier. There are different salads that are high-calorie, like those that are topped with friend toppings or those including deep-fried shells. Avoid them and skip the extras like croutons with cheese as they needlessly increase calorie count.

Grilled Items Are Better

Breaded and fried foods like fish fillets or crispy chicken are always very high in calories and fats. Instead, opt for the roasted or grilled lean meats. Great examples include chicken breast, turkey, lean roast beef and lean ham.

Don’t Forget About What You Drink

Most beverages included in fast food menus are very high in calories. Regular large sodas have close to 300 calories. You need to be really careful and make smarter choices like water, sparkling water, mineral water, iced tea (make sure it is unsweetened) or diet soda. Try to avoid all shakes and drinks that are ice cream based. Just one large shake would add 800 calories to your meal. This is so much more than most people expect.

Final Thoughts

The secret to healthier eating when you go to the fast food restaurant is to never settle with what is pre-arranged for you. There are always some healthier substitutions and options available. People just do not often order them. Also, never forget about portion sizes as you rarely need more than the small portions for a full meal.

This article was originally published on @crucea