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NoMad: The Newest Swanky Hotspot In Downtown LA

If you're looking for the hottest new place in town to impress your potential mate, look no further. NoMad has everything you need to drop some jaws, as well as some heavy wads of cash. High ceilings, gorgeous & colorful Victorian-style décor designed by a French architect, comfortable seating complete with couch cushions, and so much opulence in their cuisine, you might wonder halfway through if you'll be able to afford it.

The Lobby Dining Area — by Juvi Guevara
The Lobby Dining Area — by Juvi Guevara

Reservations are highly recommended, though if you're only coming for coffee or dining the lobby during the day, walk-ins are accepted. If you want to dine in their extra fancy Mezzanine, however, you'll have to plan that one at least 28 days in advance. That part of the restaurant is only open for dinner, at the moment, which begins at 5:30 in the evenings.
Coffee shop only accepts card, by the way. The rooftop area is only available to guests of the hotel, at the moment, but as of April 2018, they're expected to begin opening it up to the public.

If a more chill brunch is what you're looking for, the lobby works well as it has a more relaxed atmosphere and usually has room for walk-ins on any given day. Now, to my favorite part of the menu, which is also available all day starting at noon:


To start my day off right, I absolutely must have some coffee. Preferably in a cocktail. They have the most expansive, (and expensive), cocktail menu I've seen in LA yet, that offers more than just the boring Old Fashioned's and Bloody Mary's. Though they have those, too. I love creamy cocktails, and their 'Light Spirited' & 'Dark Spirited' portions of the menu offer everything from coffee-infused cocktails with interesting ingredients like Japanese whiskey and Jalapeño-infused agave.

The Ranhofer cocktail made with cold brew coffee, vanilla, and Jamaican jerk bitters is… Interesting. It has a bit of a bite from the bitters which takes away from the coffee aspect of it. Given that it's a whopping $17, you might want to save that little experimentation for another time.

The Pandan Express- Also $17 offers a creamier texture And smoother finish. It's made with scotch, aged cachaca, pale cream sherry, brown butter, guava, pandan, orgeat, lemon, & coconut water. Yes, it's a strong one, but oh, so delicious!

The Sakura Maru — by Juvi Guevara
The Sakura Maru — by Juvi Guevara

The Sakura Maru with sheep's milk yogurt, lemon, agave, & a few other alcohols in there is another creamy cocktail with a slightly-lemony flavor, creamy texture, & smooth finish. For $17, it's definitely a safe choice for my non-regular drinkers out there. It will hit you, though.

The brunch menu is on the lighter side, (minus the prices), but has a little bit of something for the meat-lovers, breakfast-lovers, seafood-lovers, & even the vegetarians. They offer starters like flatbreads & avocado toast, entrees like Chicken Milanese with black truffle & foils gras, and even burritos with suckling pig & chile de arbol. Everything is up to par, made with the utmost care. The English Pea Flatbread with pancetta, lemon, & mint is crispy, creamy, & amazing; you definitely get the mint flavor all the way through with the basil notes from the pesto. The Burrito is also a great breakfast food, but more than just your average breakfast burrito, as that suckling pig adds an extra bit of decadence than just your average old bacon.

Suckling Pig Breakfast Burrito — by Juvi Guevara
Suckling Pig Breakfast Burrito — by Juvi Guevara

The coffee from the little coffee shop right next to the lobby is also pretty darn good. It is equal to some of the more expensive coffee shops you'll find in LA and with the pastries that they have on hand, this place leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Their signture Matcha Latte with cold brew, almond milk, & matcha green tea is a great way to detox after all that imbibing in the restaurant.

The service is great, (as is to be expected from such an establishment), the ambiance is relaxed, yet posh, and even the bathrooms offer a little something unique as they are found in what used to be the old bank vault of this building and still has all the old fittings of a high-security vault, including the giant door. While the parking can be a hassle to snag, for a measly $10 dollars, you can have valet handle that for you and you won't have to worry about a thing. Just don't forget to get that validated by the restaurant before you leave. You won't find cheaper in this area on your own, anyway.

If you live in the LA area and are in the habit of splurging on your dining once in a while, this restaurant should definitely be on your 'Hit List.'