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Sliders – Mansplaining my Mansliders

Slip Sliding away! — by David Smith
Slip Sliding away! — by David Smith

Sliders – Pan-fried Thin Burgers

Is a slider not a burger? Is a burger a slider? A slippery slope indeed, periled with danger and roustabouts ready to call this meal a sandwich. Vagabonds! Hurrah!

Defining the Slider

The actual term comes from slip slopping around in the pan. No, actually there was something to do with sliding them around at some point. Now I like this version.

But, I am immediately offended by Wikipedia’s implications of it being a “sandwich”. See the title on this [page]( I would not call a burger a sandwich. And hesitantly use it next to the phrase “Philly cheesesteak”. Sorry Wikipedia, you are wrong. You just can’t believe some of the things you read on the internet.

Here’s my version of a slider – cheese, onions, pickles meat, bread or bun. And yes, condiments are acceptable. What? I like ketchup and mustard. Some people propose that it has to be square. As soon as it enters my mouth it is no longer square. I make all of my sliders in an oblong quardrangle. Forget that!

Part of what is a slider, is like I said in the subtitles. Not the one that translate into another language, the one under the title. It’s the burger’s better little brother. In this case, the brother is sloppier and slipperier. Its shape is not perfect, it is a littler uneven. It is a little out of shape. Like a square that’s been attempted and abandoned.

Manslider Recipe for 4 sliced white bread burgers.

½ Pound (1/4 Kilo) Ground Beef or Pork (Carne or Cerdo)

3-4 crackers smashy smashy (galletas)

1 egg (huevo)

Some chopped herbs, parsley or cilantro (perijil or cilantro)

Dash of salt & pepper (sal y pimienta negra)

Little bit of oil (aceite)

Meet my Meat! — by David Smith
Meet my Meat! — by David Smith

Mansplaining the Slider Recipe

Mix everything together, except the oil. Yo! The oil is for the pan.

If the mix feels too wet, add some more crunched up crackers.

Heat the oil in the pan, smash a burger to about ¼ in your man or lady hands. Think of making it the size of the bread you are going to put it on. This slider does not need a bun. White bread is good for the grease. If you want to go healthy with some wheat bread, then this recipe is probably not for you. If all you have in your house is wheat bread, I’ll look the other way. But ask yourself, why do you have wheat bread in your house.

Manfrying the sliders! — by David Smith
Manfrying the sliders! — by David Smith

Frying the Sliders

Unlike a burger, sliders are fried, you can try doing this on a grill mat on your grill, but that sounds like a lot of effort. I like sliders in a frying pan. Take the sliders home to the frying pan.

It only takes a few minutes on each side due to the relative thinness of the patty. Okay, it should be relatively thin, absolutely thinner than your hands. If your hands are really thin, then you will have really thin patties. Don’t move them until they have cooked most of the way through, if you do you are likely to break them.

Use a spatula of flip the sliders in the air. I recommend doing this violently so as to throw the sliders through the air. It just seems slider-appropriate.

Finished the Slider - Onion & Cheese — by David Smith
Finished the Slider - Onion & Cheese — by David Smith

Finishing the Sliders

Put some cheese on those sliders. No fancy cheese, please. This should be cheese that comes from a plastic wrapper; individually sliced goodness.

Ketchup & Mustard, Eat it! — by David Smith
Ketchup & Mustard, Eat it! — by David Smith

Finish with your condiments of choice. Now you can do thinly-sliced raw onion, as seen in the pictures. Or I also like to do finely chopped and throw that in there towards the end of cooking the sliders, so they cook in the burger grease and get those flavors.

Put the slider on a bun and eat it.

Sliders with Slaw! — by David Smith
Sliders with Slaw! — by David Smith

I recommend a nice salad. Try this simple Asian Slaw recipe as seen in the picture and found here: