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Taste The Rainbow: 11 Unicorn-Inspired Foods To Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

by Steph Simpson
by Steph Simpson

Even last year's slew of Gothic themed foods couldn't combat this pastel-coloured nightmare! Seriously, the unicorn trend seems to have seeped into every market out there - including food.

Whether you love it, or think it utterly pointless - the unicorn food trend is enduring - and will likely be around to brighten your Instagram feed for a while.

But if you've never heard of 'Unicorn Food' the key identifier is this: rainbow colours, or colours where they shouldn’t be. Got a bowl of purple noodles? They’re unicorn noodles now! How about a rainbow-coloured cheesecake?

You get the idea!

Here are some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) examples of the unicorn food trend:

1) Unicorn Bagels

Remember - the key identifier here is rainbow colours.

So when you add different food colouring to bagel dough - the result can be quite impressive indeed!

2) Unicorn Spaghetti

Ever wondered what unicorn vomit might look like?

This less-than-appetising dish is offered by the world famous Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok. While it certainly is a cool gimmick, I hope it tastes better than it looks.

3) Unicorn Toast

We’ve already talked about mermaid toast when looking at some other totally crazy food trends that wouldn’t exist without Instagram. But what about unicorn toast?

Yep - it’s a thing. As far as I can see, it basically involves spreading toast with rainbow colours, maybe some edible flowers here and there - and taking a gorgeous picture from above, with the hashtag #UnicornToast

4) Unicorn Noodle Bowls

These actually look pretty cool! Plus, they seem like they’re pretty easy to make. You simply boil up some purple cabbage, and then add clear noodles to the water!

You could, of course, use food colouring instead - but the all-natural version seems much better.

5) Unicorn Pancakes

These gorgeous-looking pastel pancakes are still a strong trend among foodie Instagrammers.

Their popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by large retailers and mainstream brands - with supermarkets and home-ware stores now selling specialist unicorn pancake pans!

6) Unicorn Lattes

7) Unicorn Soup

by @Livlight_
by @Livlight_

Is it just me, or is there something slightly unnerving about blue food?

But whether you (or I) like it or not, unicorn soup appears to be a thing - with Instagrammers like @Livlight_ creating bowls of blue or sometimes purple goop, leaving us all scratching our heads wondering ‘what does blue food taste like??’

8) Unicorn Grilled Cheese

Yep - Instagram’s love of rainbow coloured food extends right through to the humble cheese toastie too!

But this isn’t just a regular grilled cheese! In fact, the toastie the image above is flavoured with lavender, basil, tomato, and cheese. It seems that unicorn food has to taste weird as well as look weird!

9) Unicorn Bread

by Deliciously Sprinkled
by Deliciously Sprinkled

Yep, even bread isn’t safe from the unicorn trend’s rainbow-tinted touch!

The above image is of some tasty looking banana bread from Deliciously Sprinkled - but we’ve seen other variations too. For example, simply swirling rainbow food colouring in bread dough gives a regular sandwich loaf a unicorn makeover.

10) Unicorn Dip


What better way to add a level of sophistication to your dinner parties than by offering bowl of multi-coloured goo with your crudités?

Unicorn dip is the easy-to-make yet totally pointless dip that nobody has been waiting for. But top marks for aesthetics - as it really does look kind of cool.

11) Unicorn Poop

Oh how has it come to this?

Unicorn poop - like all other unicorn food - is rainbow coloured, and usually comes in the form of a baked dough in the shape of, well, poop.

Apparently the world is so obsessed with unicorns that we'll literally eat their sh…