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Top 5 Packed Lunch Hacks to Save You Time When School Starts Again

by Pixabay
by Pixabay

In all the turmoil of back to school season - being a little organised can make a lot of difference! The morning school rush can be a pain, so it's best to have packed lunches ready to go - if you have time to prepare them the night before. But even if you don't - some quick tips can help you.

Although there are dozens of things you can alter or organize in order to save time, in this article we'll take a look at some packed lunch hacks to save you time in the mornigns.

Let’s go!

1. Consider using a lunchbox with compartments

There’s a thing with lunchboxes having no dividers. You cannot use them to pack two distinct things at a time. You wouldn’t want to ruin your chicken curry by packing yogurt or fruit in the same space!

Choose a lunchbox with a divider to keep things simple and hassle free - so that you don't have to wrap individual items separately.

2. Make small packets of seasoning ingredients

It's depressing when you take the first bite of your lunch and find that it lacks salt. Been there, done that.

However, who says you need to eat that when you already have small packets of salt, pepper, and sugar in your bag?

Spare some time on this weekend and make a small stash. If you don’t find it fun enough, buy some during your next visit to the supermarket.

3. Soak up those juicy tomatoes

Are you tired tomatoes causing that soggy blot in your sandwich? We’re sure you are.

Well, you can avoid soggy sarnies by soaking up extra juices. When your morning routine starts, spread a sheet of tissue paper or kitchen towel that soaks well on the cabinet, place all those tomato or vegetable slices on it and spread another sheet on them. Gently press each slice and you’d see how they spit out extra juices!

4. Tie up those sandwiches

We took care of the tomatoes, but what about the rest of the liquids in a sandwich? Don’t worry about them!

You can always tie up your sandwich with a string, to keep it nice and secure. However, make sure you add a wrapper around the sandwich first and then tie it up. This will render two key benefits:

  1. You wont see any spillage.
  2. The contents of your sandwich will stay together; thus, making it easy for you to eat them.

5. Consider freezing things overnight

If you plan on taking liquids that need to be consumed cool, consider freezing them overnight. For example, if it’s yogurt, take it frozen and when your lunchtime comes, it will be melted but still nice and cool!

This way, you can also freeze water, which you can later use to either keep your lunch cool or drink it anyway.

Lunch packing is an art, you see. So, approach it that way, and use your faculties to make things in a whoosh! Good luck!